How to earn a 1000 dollars a month from the links shortening site admlinks


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Jul 22, 2020
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Do you seek to make money but to no avail***
***Here is the best way for to offer you the best***
***Choose an interesting topic and copy its link***
***Log in to admlinks and put the link in your Url here . Click on SHORTEN***
***Copy the link and share it with your friends***

The best ways to profit by posting links in Facebook groups and networking sites, posting links on blogging ....**
**If you have a YouTube channel, explain programs or anything else, put the short link in the explanation**
**Putting the code in the blog is automatic gain?

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The admlinks site to profit from shortening links is well known and very reliable as it pays users two or three years approximately, and it is the best choice for Arabs, as it gives a very high CPM

Strategies you can work with on the site??
First strategy
The first strategy is the easiest and most common among people ... which is to post the link on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter ... etc.
But this strategy has many forms ..
You can post the link in different groups on Facebook, which are characterized by great interaction by people, but what you post must be in the context of the group
Do not post a game download link in a group to download books
You enter the different groups, then you shorten a link and create a post that benefits the members until you bring many visits to the shortened link
Or if you have a page with followers, you can benefit from them in bringing in visits by publishing your link and creating content in the context of the page, then there must be credibility in the link so that you do not lose the visits from you.
And it would be better if you made an account (girl) and implements this strategy.

Second Strategy
The second strategy, and I consider it the most important one, because it is sustainable and requires no effort from you
Also its results are good
The strategy is to create a YouTube channel and add videos associated with a short link .. It should have interesting content that attracts attention and curiosity and forces visitors to enter your link.
Witness the rape of an artist (...)
Watch the scandal of the dancer (...)
Live broadcast of (...) x (...) HD without interruption
Urgent .. Leaked movie (………… ..) watched before deletion
Watch the artist's dress fall (...)

People in the Arab world are attracted to these titles, and you will achieve a high profit rate in this way. We watch such titles every day and we see millions of views on them.
All you do is create a video from one or more 5-minute photos and upload it to YouTube
Try to pay attention to putting in a lot of keywords because it is the magic solution to increase views and will bring you thousands of visits every day.
You can also link that channel to your Adsense account to profit from views and visits to the short link .. I recommend this strategy because its profit rate is 100%

The third strategy
You can make huge profits by posting matches on YouTube
If you apply this explanation, we will guarantee that you can achieve very large profits, God willing

This strategy requires you to have one or more YouTube channels
You must apply this explanation to more than 10 videos at least and create more than one channel

Very very important notes Pay very attention to the keywords and the title of the video
Put the match history inside the video title - eg
Real Madrid and Bayern match 25-01-2020
Post more than 10 videos at least a day before the match begins
Each video should have a different title from the previous one
Put many different words inside the description and keywords
Put a lot of keywords - such as the Champions League - Real Madrid - Live broadcast
And other words of not less than 50 words at least

Start now: diversify you don't have to publish matches only - the method is effective for all fields
Such as uploading programs - movies - songs - games - series - matches - there are many different topics
All you have to do is create a small video that does not exceed 3 minutes, and it is also possible to put an image inside the video and audio
And that the content of the video: a text message written on it, click on the link to view

And at the end you put the short link inside the description of the video

These strategies are among the most powerful strategies that I have tried and that I have made more than $ 50 profit in a short period .. There are other strategies such as making a blog on Blogger or Wordpress, writing topics and shortening the links in them, but you will need a lot of time to bring visits to your blog and these strategies that you
have Explaining it, you only need any sites or something.

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